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Arborist Services in Durango Colorado

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Complete Tree Removal

Let us take down that difficult tree. We have climbers, trucks, ropes and experience to take down your tree safely and without damage to your property.

We Provide Mature Tree Trimming

Keep your big trees healthy and clean. Healthy, mature trees can add 5-9% to the value of your property.

Structural Trimming Service

Young trees need pruning to keep them growing up strong and in the right direction.

Wild Fire Mitigation

In the Four Corners, wildfires are a serious threat. We have a crew that specializes in just fire mitigation. Get your wildfire mitigation done by true tree care professionals.

Tree Planting and Consultation Services

We can plant your new tree and make sure it has the foundation to grow into a beautiful, mature tree.

Tree Cabling Service

If risk cannot minimized by trimming, the installation of cables may be needed

Tree Stump Removal

We can remove unsightly stumps while being courteous to the stump's surroundings

Tree Health Consultation

Our arborists can help diagnose problems and prescribe treatment to help your trees.
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Arborist Services for Durango Colorado and the Four Corners